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Printable Halloween Party Banner

Halloween is a blast—so many fun DIY projects, decorations, and printable Halloween party goodies are available these days. The only drawback? Those projects tend to be a wee bit heavy on the dark side…and big downer if you’re trying to be economical with your printer ink.

We’ll be posting a series of low-ink printable Halloween party downloads to get you ready for Halloween. First up— a Halloween party banner with just the right amount of spooky, whether your guests are four or forty.

Printable Halloween Party Banner on TodaysMama

DOWNLOAD the free PDF here.

Printable Halloween Party Banner from TodaysMama


  1. Download the PDF.
  2. Print 2-3 copies.
  3. Cut out individual flags.
  4. Punch holes along the top and string through with ribbon or yarn.
  5. PARTY!

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  2. Crystal Martin 09/23/2013 at 1:54 pm

    This Halloween banner is so cute! I have gone through TONS of ink lately printing things for both Halloween and a Monster High birthday party we just had. Thank you so much for sharing something that is low on the ink!!!