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New Fall TV is Back!

I don’t pretend to hide my TV-lovin’ ways. We’re in the middle of a NEW golden age of television, and anyone who tells you they’re too busy to watch TV is really missing fantastic entertainment. I had the chance to preview a few new shows coming to your TV soon and I’ve got some thoughts for you. Spend your TV-time wisely.

The Michael J. Fox Show

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The pilot for the new Michael J. Fox Show holds a lot of promise. Michael plays a former journalist and news anchor who took a step away from his job after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Sound familiar? It should, because America's Favorite TV Star (yes, I'm calling him that,) also left a regular TV gig to manage his Parkinson's. I love the way the pilot dealt with a beloved public TV personality being lured back to the small screen. Fox is always charming, and his wife, Betsy Brandt is hot off Breaking Bad. I'd give the pilot a B+, with great potential to develop into a fun, sweet, and solid show.

What’s your favorite new show of the season so far? Did I miss it?

Special thanks to my local NBC affiliate, KSL, for the sneak peek on the new shows hitting the network this fall.


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