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Getting Financially Fit – Money Management for Women

Are you a financial whiz? Love chatting about savings accounts, retirement planning and personal finance?

Getting Financially Fit - Money Management for Women

Chances are, if you’re a female, you probably said to yourself  ‘No, I’m just a beginner.’  In skiing terms, you’re cruising through the Easy Greens, just hoping you don’t fall down.

Getting Financially Fit - An Easy Trail to Being Financially Fit

Why not become an Expert?  Tackle the double black diamonds that have scared you off the mountain of money management.

Turns out, when it comes to financial matters, women are more than twice as likely to describe themselves as “Beginners” than men, even though more women than ever are now the primary source of income for their family.  Just read what Prudential found out in their annual survey of women.

Perhaps you have that nagging feeling that you KNOW you ought to spend a little more time thinking about money management?   Honestly, browsing Pinterest for an hour is a lot more fun than to balancing a checkbook, right?

Welcome to a new series designed to earn Conversations About Money a higher spot on our To-Do List.  Let’s get ourselves in shape!

Expect to find tools, tips and resources to build confidence in the world of personal and household finance.  We can have conversations without fear or guilt or intimidation.

Getting Started – DECIDE

If I want to learn how to ski, my first step is to DECIDE to learn how to ski.  Easy, right?

Ready to check something off your To-Do List?

  • Write down DECIDE to get Financially Fit
  • Check it off

Getting Financially Fit - Money  Management - Decide Today

See?!! You’ve made your first financial decision already!

Now,  TELL someone about your decision.  Call your girlfriend, email your sister, text your husband or tweet it to the world.

I have DECIDED to get Financial Fit!

Financially Fit can mean building a saving mentality, finding a financial advisor, preparing for a move, learning about investments or automating your bill paying.  We’ll explore personal and household finance topics as we build a lifestyle around good money management skills.

Maybe you can’t pin a picture of your beautiful bank balance, but I promise your confident conversations about money will be even more inspirational.

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