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Funny Cat Videos

Disclaimer: I am not a cat person and don’t own a cat, ostensibly because my husband is allergic; truly because I believe a cat will eat my face off while I sleep.  Still, I find cat videos to be funny, and cat people will watch anything with a cat. Here you go.

Sad Cat Diary

There’s a Sad Dog Diary too, but I didn’t find it as funny. Don’t play it aloud at work unless you have a pretty free environment.

Cat Riding A Roomba

I couldn’t stop watching — this cat could jump off at any moment, but he’s all, “So what if I’m wearing a shark costume and bumping into stuff.  I’ll move when I wanna move.”

Cat Friend Vs. Dog Friend

If people acted like our pets, this is what a Cat Friend and a Dog Friend would look like.

My son loves cats and recently started walking my mom’s cat on a leash. It is the weirdest and most hilarious thing to me.

cat on a leash

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