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Sunflower Desktop and iPhone Wallpaper

Let’s savor the last third of summer with a sunny desktop wallpaper and iPhone wallpaper that will keep our feet firmly planted in what just might be the best season of the year.

I’ve seen FAR too many “last trip to the pool” Instagram posts for my taste. And, ladies, let’s stop filling each other’s Pinterest feed with images of tall boots and pumpkin pie.

IT’S AUGUST. It’s also still a gabazillion degrees around here!

So dial down the Halloween costume searches, let’s all put our feet up and enjoy one of the best hauls from the farmer’s market — the lovely sunflower.
Sunflower Desktop Wallpaper on Today's

Download the wallpaper for desktop here: wide and full.

Sunflower iPhone Wallpaper on Today's

Or give your phone a sunny spruce up with these downloads: download here. 

Oh, who am I kidding! I love boots and pumpkin lattes…carry on.
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