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Summer’s End, Too Soon

According to Facebook, many moms seem ready for school to start.  As a mom who worked full-time hours (in a strange way, at that) this summer for the first time since having kids, this season passed way too quickly.

So today we kind of stopped.  I put the computer away, locked the phone in the car, and we drank in the sunshine and played on logs at our local arboretum.

Free Tree Play

Later we went to the country where my parents are building a house, and the boys spent an hour chucking hunks of mud and rocks down a hill into a mud puddle, and examined deer prints and dog prints and coyote scat.  Yes, that fur is from a rabbit.

I don’t have pictures for it all (thank goodness, maybe), but there have been lightning bugs, June bugs, ladybugs, stink bugs.  Bugs caught in a trap and then happily rolled around until the hatch was opened and the bug was found in ten different parts.

Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries.


Cloud cars, cloud dragons, cloud dogs, cloud vampires, cloud sharks.

Mosquito bites, chiggars, ticks.

A new play set with a dare devil zip line.

The demolition derby.

Demolition Derby

Mammoth Cave.

Mammoth Cave

Two boys who will never be this little again. Two brothers who I pray will always be best friends, even when their world becomes bigger.

Buddies Brothers



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