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True Confession: My Kid Has to Go to Summer School

My kid is going to summer school.

my kid has to go to summer school

He failed his end of year math test. Sure, kids fail their end of year exams, but what makes this worse, is that his father is a math teacher. Good gravy, it was a dark day at our house when those end of year scores came home.

The kid had struggled all year with some aspects of his curricula, and we’d diligently tried to get him to buckle down and work, but it didn’t click this year. He had social issues, minor problems with other kids and a general goof-off attitude, that took a toll on his work. When other kids were working in class, he was out of his seat. His teachers did their best, and it felt like we were in constant communication, but there’s only so much you can do before a student just has to accept personal responsibility (like applying yourself on tests, putting their name on assignments, and also turning them in.)

I’m not sure what to make of this; I’m trying to be empathetic and tough-beans about it all. The truth is that I went to summer school, too–but because I wanted to (getting requirements out of the way so I could take more electives during the year.) I would rather have suffered painful injuries than gotten poor grades. He’s been working on worksheets and workbook exercises since school got out; it’s been like pulling mule teeth to get him to do the work.

I’m hoping that summer school will give him the extra time he needs to get down concepts he hasn’t learned. He’ll have to retake his end of year test to make sure that he can advance to the next grade, and has a month to make that happen.

So here’s my summer school confession: my kid has to go to summer school and I hope he passes.

Have you had to guide a child through summer school?


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  1. Nicole 07/08/2013 at 10:57 am

    My son has to go to either attend summer school (which our town does not offer & neither do any surrounding towns) or we have to pay for 30 hours of tutoring in order for him to pass to the next grade…so frustrating because as it is my husband has been out of work since mid March & we are just now starting to get caught up on bills and now we have to pay for the boy to go to tutoring when we barely have money each week for food

  2. Melissa Choate 07/07/2013 at 11:49 pm

    Yes! I’m in the same boat with my oldest daughter. Speaking from my personal experience and perspective with my only school-aged child – I’m in no way an expert – a traditional classroom setting isn’t the best fit for every student in every subject. My daughter has ADD and she seems to struggle the hardest in math and science. Summer is when we play catch up. A lot of kid are in the same boat. Thank goodness summer school is an option for those that need it.