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Royal Baby Boy, Huzzah!

The royal baby is a trending topic everywhere, and it’s a Boy!  He’s a jolly good fellow!  As people weigh in on how excited they are (I am!) or how much they couldn’t care less (most American men), here are some interesting facts about this royal babe.

royal baby

  1. Royal Baby Boy is only the second royal heir to be born outside of royal walls in over 230 years.  Diana insisted on using a hospital with the birth of William (he was the first royal ever born in a hospital, as well), and William continued that practice with his tot.
  2. Prince Charles was the first royal father to be in the room when his child was born.  Even until the 1920’s, the mother gave birth inside the palace with many official aides present, and her husband waited in a separate room.
  3. If the baby had been a girl, she would still have been the 3rd in line for succession–even if she later had a younger brother.  Past Queens of England only became queen after their brothers didn’t materialize or live.  Queen Elizabeth I only became queen after her half brother, her niece, and her half-sister tossed the crown around (so to speak).royal baby announcement
  4. The baby announcement was to first take place with a letter placed on an easel (pictured above), but seemingly at the last moment, a press release made the announcement and was immediately followed by the easel placement.
  5. Why do we care?  I don’t know why you care, but I care because I love British history.  The monarchy has a wonderfully checkered past, and it thrives, and is beautiful, and pulls its country together.  It is a neutral party, which is interesting to an American living in these politically disparate times.
  6. Have you ever seen the movie, The Truman Show?  The royals are kind of like that, but on a generational level.  Let’s just watch and be fascinated.diana royal baby photo

Here’s an ABC News photo collection from William’s childhood with his parents, Charles and Diana, and then photos of Queen Elizabeth II with her children, Charles and Anne.  Soon we’ll see photos of William, Kate, and Baby Boy.



I, for one, can’t wait.

Best of luck and blessings to the Royal Family and its newest addition! Huzzah!

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