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No More Cheap Shoes

We have all engaged in the Target Roulette: will this item of clothing last me ten years, or will it fall apart the first time I wear it? More on that later, because right now we have to talk about the shoes.

I have vowed to stop buying cheap shoes. You think they are a great bargain. “$12.98!” You cry, “That’s a bargain!” They become less of a bargain when they last, literally, through one wear before breaking. The construction of that bargain shoe, made from sweatshop workers and the cheapest materials on the planet, is a farce, and your feet pay the price.

So why do I keep falling for it? Because maybe they will last forever…

Just last week I fell for these wedges:

Merona Red Wedges

They’re cute right? Those straps are made of elastic, which I thought would have enough give so I wouldn’t have permanent indentations by the end of the day. They had a little cushioning and a wedge that wasn’t heavy. They should be comfortable, right? Wedge heel, elastic straps, only $20; we’re onto something!

Wrong. I had blisters within a hour of wearing them, and all I did was drive to work and walk around the office. By the end of the day my heel was bleeding and my skin looked like those strap marks would be here ’til Kingdom come. I had to dig out bandaids from my car’s emergency kit so that I could run errands. I was miserable. $20 for a shoe I was going to wear once? That $20 was looking more and more expensive.

I think I’m in search of a pair of leopard peep-toe low wedges I bought at Target many years ago that lasted four years in a row. Those were $10.98 of awesome. One pair of shoes that lasted is the outlier. Most of those cheap shoes don’t last for near as long, but I keep getting suckered in, on the idea that maybe I will find that pair that will outlast them all. I have stopped buying at those shoe stores, you know the ones, who BOGO and beat up your feet. I’d rather save my pennies for a pair that I really will wear for years, or scan thrift shops for a pair that already has lasted for years, and will last even more. I’m too old for cheap shoes.

What about you, have you given up on cheap shoes, or are you still skating in a pair of wear-and-toss sandals?


Shoes I Actually Liked:

Ballet Flats

Earth Friendly Sandals

Fall Dansko Nori




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Comments (3)

  1. Not Just A Mommy! 07/30/2013 at 10:00 pm

    Hee..I hear ya! It’s so hard. My oldest had a pair of Tony Hawk’s that fell apart within weeks and he’s never getting them again. I do have my nice, quality shoes but I have to keep it trendy with my cheap Target shoes…like the neon flats that aren’t going to make it past the summer and rub the back of my foot bone something awful…but I lurve them so.

  2. ClistyB 07/22/2013 at 8:14 pm

    I rarely go down the cheap shoe road. I always get burned. It’s a long time in between pairs, but worth it.

  3. Janet 07/22/2013 at 11:18 am

    Carina, I’m a sucker for cute shoes from Target and thanks for the warning or I would’ve rushed out to buy the exact pair you reference. The other thing about cheap shoes: they can rarely be repaired. My shoe guy refuses to even try to fix throwaway shoes I bring in. But somehow I cannot part so I have a closet full of them that is so big my in laws gasped when they saw them.
    Favorite brands: FitFlop and Areosole. Did I spell that right?
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