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Why I’m Doing the June Photo a Day Project

June is almost here and it’s the perfect month to tackle a photo a day challenge! May is crazy…what with all of the end of the school year madness and Mother’s Day shenanigans going on.

The June Photo a Day Challenge from Fat Mum Slim is the perfect way to capture and chronicle your life right now.

I’ve had the hardest time keeping up with the monthly photo a day challenges, but I’m committing to making June happen.

Early June will see my family hit the one-year mark since we turned our world upside down and traded places…me in an office, working full time, and my husband at home, caring for our two kids.

Since I started working full-time outside of my home, I’ve not captured my life in the same way. Before I started my office job, my Instagram feed was full of my babies and my life caring for them. When I get home at night, I’m focused on enjoying that narrow sliver of time I get with them before they go to bed. I try to keep that time phone-free.

It has not been easy for me to miss out on the subtleties of their care and activities…and it was those little moments that I relished capturing. In the absence of those moments, I’ve captured and posted less.

But the reality is that I’m still every bit their mother. There are still pieces of their lives that I wholeheartedly contribute to…and there are new traditions and patterns that have sprung up from a desire and an ability to carve out time with my family in a different way.

Weekend snuggles.

Weekend snuggles.

It’s been a year. It’s time to acknowledge that things have changed and return to capturing my life in a way that leaves me feeling like I’m fully appreciating and chronicling all of the little subtleties that make up my life right now.

Bring on the June Photo a Day Challenge and cheers to another big year!


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