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My Top Baby Toys of All Time

The very first toy you buy your baby is always incredibly darling. I remember the first one given to us: a small blue triceratops from a friend that made me and my husband cry–it was one of our first emotional connections that we were going to have a boy. After observing our kids, my friends’ kids, and practically all the kids in the whole world (it was quite the data group) here are our top baby toys ever–the ones guaranteed to delight your baby:

Top Baby Toys

Sunni Clutching Baby Toy

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Perfectly shaped to help relieve little teethers, babies love these clutching toys.

  1. Sunni Clutch 
  2. Pink Bubble Tag Blanket 
  3. Sophie the Giraffe 
  4. Rainbow Teether 
  5. Pacifier Friend 
  6. Little red bus 
  7. Knit Doggie Rattle 
  8. Elephant Jitter Toy 
  9. HABA Clutch Toy 
  10. Crinkle Book 
  11. Classic Winnie the Pooh
  12. Tiffany Baby Rattle
  13. Stuffed Triceratops

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