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The Croods – Part Two

Last week, I told you how a few weeks ago I packed my bag and headed down to Los Angeles, courtesy of 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation to preview their new movie The Croods and tour the DreamWorks Animation campus.

It was AWESOME. Again, people WORK HERE.

The Croods

In my last post I told you about the story pitch presentation we attended. We were also lucky enough to sit down (in an incredibly decorated room) with Markus Manninen who is the Visual Effects Supervisor on The Croods. More about the actual movie next week, but I’ll tell you now that the scenery dramatically changes during this movie and the Visual Effects department is in charge of making that happen. In 3D nonetheless. Through the art department, visual consultants, and photographic references, the story is able to be told visually through lighting. Markus reminded us that interestingly enough California started off as a movie business location because a long time ago, cameras did not have enough light to capture images on camera.

The Croods are a modern cave family, and as you would expect from a cave family, they have a passion for cave art. We had the chance to get our inner cave craft on as we worked on creating cave drawings of our own families. True DreamWorks artists were on hand to help us with our creation. No one asked to use my incredible art in the movie, but I’m pretty sure they must have been impressed. I was FOCUSED.

The Croods

After I rocked my cave painting, we attended a lunch where we were able to sit down with the directors, producers, supervisors, and other key people who were integral in creating The Croods. It was fascinating to have the opportunity to sit down and learn more about DreamWorks Animation and about the work that these talented people do to bring these movies to life.

The Croods

We got to break bread with these guys (Producers and Directors of The Croods), amongst others. The company was fabulous, and the food was delicious.

The Croods

The Croods
The Croods

Next week I’ll be back to give you the full scoop on The Croods family. But in the meantime…

The Croods is a 3D adventure about a modern cave family rolling into theaters on March 22 and featuring the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman.

The Croods

You’re going to fall in love! Click here to visit the official site. AND click here to follow the TodaysMama “The Croods” board on Pinterest.


The Croods

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