Carina has been typing on the internets before there was a www in front of everything. This is why she’s cranky and wants to know when you’ll get off her lawn. She resides in a hopelessly outdated home in the Mountain West with a mathematician and three children hell-bent on destruction. Her laundry is not done, but her Twitter is totally up to date. Carina does not have a Tumblr, because get serious.

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April Baby Shower

What if you took all the best of baby showers, the great advice, birth stories, generational bonding, the low down on the must-haves, and yes, even a debate over midwives vs. OBs, without having to play the “smell the diaper” game? We’re so excited to feature a really great month of editorials that has all the stuff girlfriends talk about at baby showers, but sharing it with all of you.

April Baby Showers

And this is where you come in! If you have a crazy birth story, if your grandmother’s birth stories would blow our minds, we want to hear about it! If you have a piece of advice that you always give at a baby shower, we want to hear from you. If you went to a disastrous baby shower (or maybe you were more than an hour late for your own shower for no good reason…*ahem*,) write it down! Have an opinion about midwives or OBs? Even though Rachael and I think we got the spread on that covered, you might have something even better to say.

Whatever it is, this is your chance to be featured on TodaysMama’s national stage. Drop an email to [email protected] with your submission. We can’t wait to read your stories, advice, and maybe about the worst piece of baby gear ever invented.


300-500 words

Submit a photo

We may use all, part, or none of your submission as fits our editorial team.


All submissions are due by April 5th, so get crackin!

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