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Valentine Heart Button Craft

My daughter is obsessed with Michaels.  She literally begs to go there.  And I have to say (don’t send me hate comments) it is literally my least favorite store. I’m not really a crafter. I can handle kindergarten crafts, but there are so many crafty choices in that store, I usually feel very overwhelmed.

Here’s a Valentines Day craft that I can handle. Buttons, glue and construction/scrapbook paper. Even I could hunt those down in Michaels.

Click here for instructions on this adorable toddler friendly Valentine Heart Button Craft from Hands On: As We Grow.  Bonus, she also has a list of 33 Kids Valentines for School, check it!

Image from Hands On: As We Grow

Image from Hands On: As We Grow



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  1. Amy Allen Johnson 02/07/2013 at 11:19 am

    Very cute! I heard this story about Michael’s once –
    A man needs a light bulb. Goes to Home Depot, and on the light bulb aisle, finds what he needs.
    Same man goes to Michaels, needs a marker. Wanders for an hour, store’s closing, manager approaches.

    Mgr: May I help you find something?
    Man: I need a marker.
    Mgr: Why?
    Man thinks.. Why? to mark with, of course.
    Man: What do you mean, ‘Why?’ Can’t I just need a marker?
    Mgr: Sir, until I know what you intend to DO with the marker, I cannot help you. We have markers in three places in this store and each is for a different purpose.
    Man: May I speak with Michael? I need to discuss the layout of his store, as his wife obviosly had something to do with it.

    I may just be more of a logical Home Depot gal.