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Strep Throat After Tonsillectomy

When I had my tonsils taken out over two years ago, the doctor said I probably wouldn’t get strep throat again.  It turns out that the word probably was more important than I realized, and I don’t fall into the probably category very often.


The key to Strep Throat is the word throat.  Since I still have one, I can still get strep.  In fact, I have it now.

To remind myself and anyone else who’s battling strep in your family, here’s how to prevent it:

  • Keep hands washed.  My kids wash theirs when they walk in from school.
  • Don’t share eating and drinking items.  I know, it’s tough with little kids who grab all of your cups and want a bite from mama’s plate.
  • Teach (or re-teach) your family to cover coughs and sneezes with their arm/elbow rather than hands.

Natural sore throat remedies include:

  • Zinc tablets (like a throat lozenge)
  • Hot tea with honey, lemon, cayenne, and apple cider vinegar
  • Gargle with salt water
  • Keep hydrated and rested
  • Try wet socks therapy

Here’s hoping that strep throat doesn’t visit your family this winter.  Stay well and live well!



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