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Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet

Making a Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet is the easiest treat ever…if you can make them before your kids eat the whole box of cereal. Since the lead-up to St. Patrick’s Day is the only time my kids eat the stuff, we decided to add some style — extra charm, even — to our Lucky Charms.

Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet.


I recommend sitting down with a TV episode and a clean workspace.  Working with these dried marshmallows is not ideal for kiddie-helpers.

Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet pieces.


Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet string.


Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet.

Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet Treat Tag.


Free Printable Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet Treat Bag Tags (.pdf)

Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet Treat.


Lucky Charms Charm Bracelet, edible.



Disclaimer: Lucky Charms neither asked me to create this craft, nor compensated me for its product use.  It’s all magically delicious fun.


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