Carina has been typing on the internets before there was a www in front of everything. This is why she’s cranky and wants to know when you’ll get off her lawn. She resides in a hopelessly outdated home in the Mountain West with a mathematician and three children hell-bent on destruction. Her laundry is not done, but her Twitter is totally up to date. Carina does not have a Tumblr, because get serious.

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Free Printable Valentine Love Notes

Valentine’s Day is a sweet time to remind your beloved exactly how you feel, but sometimes you need a little prompt. If you need a few Valentine love notes, we got your back.

Love Notes for Valentine's Day


Eight different vintage-inspired designs to choose from like “You and I should…” “Next Friday night let’s…” and “You make my day special by…”. Now go on, share the love!

Printable Valentines for Grown Up Love from
Download the full size file for Love Notes here.


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