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11 Last Minute Valentine Ideas

So you’ve been a little busy and Valentine’s Day snuck up on you, I’ve been there. So I pulled together a few last minute Valentine ideas for you to have fun with your little ones.  Which one do you want to try?


Carrie found a sweet Valentine book to read to your kids, and a last minute way to do it.

 coconut nutella cake

Throw in a coconut Nutella pudding cake into the slow cooker on Valentine morning and for a steamy treat that night.
valentines for service

Valentine’s Day isn’t normally a day of service, but Rani has a good case for why you should make Valentines for causes.



Cupid’s Arrows: A fast and cute treat that you can make with your little ones!


Love this Valentine monster mail box that you can whip up the night before school.

heart stamps for toddlers

We went nuts over this heart stamp idea from Rust & Sunshine. Surely you can round up an empty paper roll for a toddler craft!


Cute idea to make an iPod Valentine box for your tween.


Break out the crayons! Time to make a Valentine scratch art piece with your kids.


Another fast and cute activity from Raejean, making a Love Bingo with your family.

cereal box valentines

I can’t think of an easier Valentine box for school than one wrapped cereal box. Decorate and go.

printable-valentine-gift-certificate-template_thumbFire up the printer for a last minute gift card you can print and fill at home.

Hope you get a kiss from your favorite sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Amy Allen Johnson 02/13/2013 at 12:46 am

    You are reading my mind!