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Erica’s 2012 Recap

I recently recapped part of the year with a photo tour of my Thankful Year, but what the heck, let’s keep going with more 2012 recap.

Early in 2012 I couldn’t stand to look at the pink fake marble wallpaper in my master bathroom for one more day, so the kids and I started ripping it.  We only got some of the plastic top layer off, with the fuzzy yellow paper still on the walls.  Eventually I said they could draw on it, and then our tacky bathroom started looking like a crack den.  We’re just now starting to actually remodel the bathroom.  Let’s hear it for 2013.

One day in April, my husband took the day off work, we stowed the kids at school, and drove 90 minutes away for a 3-hour bourbon distillery tour.  It was the all-day date we had planned for a month.  Then a huge swath of tornadoes hit, the tour got cancelled, school let out early, and we raced home through storms to get to our kids in time.  In the midst of all this, we were rewarded with a tasting from a $500 bottle of Kentucky bourbon.  My husband loved it.  I think all bourbon tastes like chocolate.

In May, our family participated in an Urban Adventure Race.  It was 5 miles of clues and chasing checkpoints through our city, and our 5-year-old kept up with us for the whole thing while the little one stayed in the hiking pack.  We won 1st place in the family division!  Now when we pass the pub that was the race’s finish line, our kids point out that it’s the bar they went to.  CLASSY.

Then we started in with the accidents.  Our 3-year-old had two bouts of stitches (forehead and head) and our 5-year-old broke his foot (two days before starting Kindergarten).  I painted his two different casts as Spiderman and Hulk.  My husband had a few stitches in a finger and I should have been stitched up several weeks ago but waited too long.  Oh and I had surgery with 5 laparoscopic points.  Enough already.

Then we started the traveling.  In five weeks I went to 12 states besides where I live.

The kids cowboyed up on a bull while visiting Grammy and Poppi in Wyoming, kind of not really on the way to Utah.  Later, I took a train journey from Maine to Connecticut to New York City and almost, but didn’t, lose my hand on the way.

Oh my gosh, we also finished with diapers.  Not a single one to be had in this house.  Here’s my little guy after finally completing his nighttime staying dry chart.

My kindergartener is kind of obsessed with the healthy eating initiative his P.E. teacher promotes, so he wrote this hilarious note for me to sign and send to his teacher as proof that he’s on track at home.

For quick personal taste recapping, I think Young the Giant is my favorite band this year.  I just saw Les Miserables and it’s fantastic.  Go see it in the big theater.  Last, Clinique’s Lid Smoothie is the best thing I’ve found in makeup in awhile.  It’s the perfect weight to wear casually in the summer and as a moisturizing base layer in the winter.

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  1. Amy 01/02/2013 at 1:26 pm

    You and your boys are about the cutest ever! what a fun and full year. Miss you!