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Activities for MLK Day

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day across the nation, as well as a presidential inauguration. If you have kids old enough to ask about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but haven’t been on the ball about teaching them our recent history, here are a few resources to get you started.

My kindergartner came home talking about “Mars King” last Friday, I guess that’s a start. Maybe a better idea would be this MLK-inspired craft project from Art Paper Scissors:

Older kids can fill out this printable report on Dr. King after reading about his life.

For kids who are learning to write, I love this sheet from Beg Borrow Steal with a Martin Luther King Jr fill-able Poem. And for kids who do their best coloring, a free printable rainbow drawing of the Doctor.

I wrote a longer post on how to talk to kids about why we celebrate Dr. King, including diversity, racism, and service last year. always has great resources for discussions and links to their Youtube channel, check them out.

What will you be doing today to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day with your family?


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