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Moving and Misplaced Christmas Decorations

So, we moved.

Just picked up our stuff and shuffled it all into a new house, closer to my office.

But somewhere along the way, most of our Christmas decorations got lost.

I KNOW that there wasn’t so much as a dust bunny in our old house when we finally departed, because like the super cheese ball that I am, I lovingly bid each room farewell before I left.

Goodbye House.

My husband has gone through every box in our new house, but no luck. All those festive  decorations and knick-knacks…GONE.

It dawned on us that one possible scenario is that during the Great Pre-Sale Purge of 2012 (referred to by you common folk as “August” and “September”) a few boxes may have been mistakenly hustled to the dump or thrift store.

The important thing is that we did not lose our Christmas ornaments. Not only have we made it a point to get a new one each year for each family member, but we inherited all of my husband’s childhood ornaments as well.

Mickey Mouse, circa 1986.

I felt particularly bad about losing the stockings that were given to us by my husband’s Grandma to mark our first Christmas as a married couple, 12 years ago. My Dad had also started the tradition of gifting me Jim Shore carved Santa figurines in over the last few years and I had been looking forward to finally having a fireplace where I could display them.

For a moment I was comforted by the notion that this would give me a reason to tackle some of those kicky holiday crafts that are so popular on Pinterest…

Wreaths made from old books!

Giant styrofoam cones, carefully covered in feathers so as to give the illusion of a whimsical forest!

Advent garland, made up of 24 individually hand-knitted miniature stockings!

But then my grip on reality returned and I remembered that I’m not fit to engage in those type of crafty shenanigans and I headed to Target to get new stockings.

New stockings, delivered by Sprinkle the Elf.

Later that day I pried open a giant box to discover…you guessed it…our stockings!

My hope is that by sharing this story with you, that if you ever find yourself in the throes of moving, you’ll carefully mark you treasured belongings…and that two minutes after I hit “publish” on this post I will discover my wayward Santa’s in one of the two dozen boxes marked “FRAGILE” in my garage.


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