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Amy’s 2012 Recap

What a year! Why do I imagine life will be getting less crazy and it always seems to do the opposite?  Through it all, my family has been the driving force, or should I say the reason I need to remember to slow down the crazy bus and enjoy a rest stop for playtime.

In no particular order, here’s my 2012 recap –

In Television
True Tale of The Rabbit and The Hare – The Amazing Race was won by a team that should have been eliminated – The Beekman Boys

Why does it make my list?  Because they finished.  The struggled, took wrong turns, bickered, nearly drowned in a Russian pool trying to synchronize their swimming, came in last, overcame speed bumps and weren’t very popular, but they kept going.  In the end, Josh kept his head and it won them the race.   It was nice to see that slow and steady really can win the race.

Josh and Brent Amazing Race Winners

In Blogging
This year marks my first full year of blogging about food.  You’ve seen most of my go-to recipes .  Looks like I’ll have to keep exploring in 2013.  A forever favorite – The Mother Wonderful’s Triple Chocolate Cheesecake.  As my old roommate, Diana, called it, “Orgasmic!”

In Our Dreams
One lucky break we had this year was traveling to the Grand Opening of Cars Land in California Adventure.  My kids may never appreciate what it was like to be at Disneyland with non-existent lines.  We wandered and rode and watched and played and ate and proved that Disneyland Just Got Happier!

photo with Mickey Mouse

In the World
This summer I was introduced to the [email protected] team.  I may have found the feasible way to reach my goal of saving the world. (Okay, you know what I mean.)  I’ll admit this Mama’s heart flutters at nearly every cause and sad tale of misfortune, but this campaign is so logical it gets my brain going too.  Why can’t we save children from preventable diseases?  We can.

Shot@Life Flicker Stream

In Crafting
This year, my creative side came raging out in the form of sewing, painting and general artistic exploration.  I typically use cooking as a release but now that cooking is slightly more “work-like,” I’ve given a hour a week to anything not related to a computer.  Here are my results: An orange knit sweater (finished), custom journals, painted doors and fresh flowers.

Succulent Centerpiece, Painted Doors homemade Journals, Pullover Sweater

And this was the year for homemade Halloween (40s Sailor Girl and Indiana Jones Jacket).  Maybe 2013 is the year of DIY posts?

In Fashion
Fashion forward would not describe me, but I’m happy to report I have a new sweater in my closet that reminds me of Mr. Rogers and that puts a smile on my face. Plus, my kids think it’s hilarious to have zippers on both ends.

Eddie Bauer Zip Sweater

In Technology
Simple things make me happy… a computer that doesn’t crash, using Dropbox, PicMonkey and having pictures backed up and organized.  My phone needs to go on an app diet in 2013, but if having too many fun apps is one more reason my kids come clamoring to me, then here’s to more apps in 2013.

A Few of Amy's Apps

In My Heart
For many reasons and none at all, my heart has felt uneasy all year.  General suffering in the world, immediate suffering of one of your kids and maybe just feeling a bit wiser and yet more naïve at the same time.  The little voice inside has been telling me all year to give it space, to take more time to ponder and BE.  Here at the end of the year, it feels like it’s screaming at me and I need to respect it.  I have the plan and it may not be set in stone, but I’m going to start my Inner Peace quest.

Kunfu Panda Inner Peace

I hear Yoda talking to Obi-Wan Kenobi about Luke training to be a Jedi, “But will he [Luke] finish what he starts?”  My word for 2012 is Finish.  I cut myself short on wrapping a bow around it or checking the last box.  The Beekman Boys finished.  Luke finished.  After three years, the orange sweater was finished.  It can happen.  To get there, I’ll need to stop adding to the list and taking time to measure success more often.

Thanks to all of my family, friends, my Mama Tribe and all the bits of life that made this year so memorable. Happy New Year!

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  1. Rachael Herrscher 12/31/2012 at 8:09 am

    Dude. I love that you relay on Kung Fu Panda for your wisdom! One of my favorite quotes is: “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” – Ooguay