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Reminding You to Get Out There and Vote on Tuesday!

It’s no good living in a representative democracy if you don’t even bother to vote. What’s the matter? Scared of the polling booth? Don’t be. My baby and I went down to our county building for early voting yesterday. We waited for almost an hour in line. If she can wait patiently with only an apple to munch on, what’s your problem? Take your smartphone, your magazine, and your franchise, and vote.

Lucy Burns who was beaten and jailed for picketing the White House asking for the right to vote

No, seriously, do you not understand what women went through to vote not even a 100 years ago? Beatings, arrests, protests, and worse. TO VOTE. So get your lazy bum to the polls. Get out there and vote on Tuesday. Take your kids (I always do; I want them to see me voting.) Most polling places are open 7am-8pm on Tuesday. I don’t want to hear any excuses. And thank you.

The League of Women Voters

Find out where to vote by your address at Vote411


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  1. The Lint Trap 11/04/2012 at 4:51 am

    Here here!!! Preach.

    I just wrote a similar blog and left out the whole women’s suffrage thing. Dumb.

    Good for you for braving it even with the wee one.