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DIY – Chalkboard Menu Plaques

Get ready for your next party by making these classic DIY Chalkboard Menu Plaques.  Pick your size and shape and soon your beautiful dishes will be labeled for your guests.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, these plaques can help guests navigate the potluck table traffic jams.


1 can chalkboard paint

1-inch foam brush

1 – 36-inches long x 3/8-inch diameter dowel

painters tape

cordless drill and 3/8-inch drill bit

1 dozen wood plaques (I used 5-in square and 5-in x 7-in rectangles)

Step 1 – Measure and mark your dowel at 2-inch intervals. Using sharp scissors, slowly cut into the dowel and turn until you’ve cut through the stick.  If you have a jigsaw, you can make quick work of this step.

Step 2 – Sand the ends of the sticks until smooth.

Step 3 – Prep your plaques by marking your drill holes.  Measure 1 inch from the bottom and center your hole across the back of the plaque.

Step 4 – Drill your dowel holes in the back by placing the plaque on top of a scrap piece of wood before drilling up to 1/2 inch hole.  Go slowly.  The holes need to be deep enough for the dowels to fit and stay in, but you don’t want to drill all they way through the plaque.  Hold the drill perpendicular to the wood to ensure a nice, straight hole.

Step 5 – Using blue painter tape, prep the face of the plaques for painting by covering the outside edges.  Tuck any excess tape to the back of the plaques to prevent sticking while while painting.

Step 6 – Paint your first coat of chalkboard paint on the face of the plaque.  Allow to dry completely.  Sand if desired.  Paint a second coat and allow to dry.

Step 7 – Gently remove the painters tape and clean up any edges with a light sanding.

Step 8 – Insert dowel pieces and your plaques are finished!


You can use these to label stations at kid parties, to tell a story with a series of photos, to play a big game of tic-tac-toe … what else can you use them for?

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