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Free Printable Halloween Magnet Poetry

How about a little spooky word play? Our free printable Halloween magnet poetry will keep everyone at your house entertained and creeped out all month long.

Think of the fun you’ll have creating your own little messages like…

The pale vampire hid ye hairy pumpkin in that crazy castle.


A zombie spider floated out of the old oozing skeleton.

Download the full size file here. 


Print on printable magnet sheets found at office supply stores. Cut. Arrange on the nearest magnetic surface.

Magnets not your thing? You could print these on cardstock, cut, and paste on paper to give your warty word art a more permanent home.

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  1. Amy 10/08/2012 at 9:56 am

    Great halloween party idea too! My 3rd grader loves Mad Libs, so we could print a paper set for the kids and let them make up a funny sentence!