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Five Halloween Class Treats

Classroom treats are becoming a rough road to travel as more schools jump on the “classroom parties are causing national obesity” bandwagon.  My son’s school suggested the kids bring paper napkins to give as birthday treats…with no food to put on them.  Talk about birthday sadness, but I digress.  Thankfully, Halloween seems to be one of the few pro-sugar holidays left in existence.  Still, I promote simplicity when buying, making, and assembling 20-40 Halloween class treats.  Here are my go-to’s.


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Ghost pretzels for Halloween class treats.

1. Halloween Candy Coated Pretzel Ghosts

2. Halloween Paper Treat Cones

3. Halloween Potato Stamp Treat Bags

4. Tootsie Roll Halloween Ghosts

5. Non-Food!  Halloween Foam Photo Frames

 What are your favorite Halloween class treats?

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