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Friday Video Break

Let’s be honest, Friday is one part finishing work for the weekend and one part loafing around until it’s time to call it a day.  In the interest of day dreaming, wasting time, itching to get outside, and overall being DONE with this week, here are four videos to get you through the next half hour.

If you haven’t heard of Korean rapper Psy, take a gander at his YouTube sensation, Gangnam Style.  I’m pretty sure this is exactly how I’ve danced for years.  It took awhile for the world to catch up.


If Gangnam Style didn’t make you happy, let’s delve into how your brain is wired.  Shawn Achor gave this TedX talk in 2011.  The Happiness Advantage.


Speaking of happiness, this Bad Lip Reading video of Edward and Bella had me in stitches.  Is anyone else a fan of the old Mystery Science Theater riffs?


If it’s past lunchtime and your eyes are feeling heavy, zone out by watching some balls fly around the biggest Kinex project I’ve ever seen.


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