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Freezer Meals

If it wasn’t for my freezer, I’m not even sure what my family would be eating for dinner.

I love to cook and bake, but with two little ones running around and around and around when I’m trying to make dinner, I’ve pretty much given up.  But we still have to eat.

Every few weeks, I go into major freezer mode.  I make dinners, I double dinners, I triple dinners, and I freeze dinners.  I’ve even done it with a friend and split the work in half.  This might sound ridiculous, but I can’t tell you how good I feel when I know I have six dinners pre-made in my freezer.

I know exactly what went in it, I still feel like it’s fresh-ish, and I don’t have any dishes.  It’s just the dinner making ticket!

Check out my favorite freezer recipes and add links to your favorites, it will be time for me to stock up soon!

Four-Cheese Stuffed Shells with Smoky Marinara from Cooking Light

Image from Cooking Light


Vegetarian Lasagna from Pilsbury

Image from Pilsbury


Easy Meatless Manicotti from Cooking Light

Image from Cooking Light


Ranch Stuffed Potatoes from Ask Ms. Recipe

Image from Ask Ms. Recipe


Pizza Calzone from Pilsbury.com 

Image from Pilsbury.com


Tomato Basil and Cheddar Soup from More Fruit Please 

Image from More Fruit Please


Freeze It!

Freeze Frame

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  1. Carina 09/21/2012 at 3:29 pm

    I need to start doing this!