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The Coolest Mother’s Day Ideas

We put together some of the coolest Mother’s Day ideas around to pamper yourself, add sparkle to your life, keep the little ones entertained, and put some tasty food in your belly! (Hopefully you get to enjoy it all in bed, by yourself, with total silence. I might be projecting.)

Let’s start with the sparkle!

Custom rose gold hoop earrings 

Clean and modern stackable name rings with your children’s birthstones

How about some time alone in a hot tub with these customizable scented bath bombs?


A rich and sumptuous body cream with shea butter. (Serious help for hard-working mom hands.)


A sweet Mother’s Day craft for little hands: just print out, color, and arrange the flowers for a build-your-own bouquet.

A fun craft you can make for a mom in your life. Who doesn’t need new towels?

A delicious twist on homemade cinnamon rolls!

Overnight french toast: if you want to make sure you’ll get a decent breakfast in bed Mother’s Day morning

Cute Mother’s Day gift card templates, easy to print, fill out, and use:

Make a flower that will last forever

Love these tin can treats along with a matching printable, and a bunch of other great Mother’s Day crafts.

great bag to haul everything around town


Let’s end it how we started: SPARKLE!

Adorable sparkly flats to keep mom stylin’ around town


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  1. vanessa 05/07/2012 at 2:26 pm

    ooooh I like those hoops, I might just buy those for myself