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The Best Tent for Families

Amy’s camping posts got me to thinking about camping. Since we’re in the practice of sharing our favorites around here, I wanted to share my absolute favorite piece of camping gear—my Springbar Tent from Kirkham’s.

Image via Kirkham's


We have a Traveler 5 Springbar Tent—it was a 21st birthday present from my Mom. I am well beyond my 20’s friends, and let me tell you, that tent is still in great shape.

Image via Kirkham's


It’s easy to put up. It’s easy to take down. It’s canvas so holds up in wind, rain, and keeps surprisingly cool when it’s hot outside.

The zippers are insanely sturdy…which matters when you have young children yanking them up and down…oh…constantly.  This is the absolute best tent for families.

My girl, rocking some SERIOUS bedhead in our Springbar Tent, circa 2009.


My husband is TALL (6-foot-7) and he can stand up in it! Oh sure, that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but you try to pull up your pants while bent over. Go. Try it. I’ll wait.

It’s a complete pain!

Now I’m all giddy about camping…when’s the next trip?

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