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Laundry Room Organization

I think the organizational style that some might use to describe my household is that of a “piler”. We’ve got piles of everything. My laundry room organization (and thus the entire basement as an extension of the laundry room) was no different.

In thinking how to solve our piling problem I literally mapped out a step-by-step system for my laundry room organization. I wrote down every pain point I had when it comes to adding clutter. I got nerdy, and I created a work flow and made sure that everything I touched had an ultimate destination or home.  So I headed to IKEA and here is what I found:

Detergent and Dryer Sheets

In the “before” scenario they were just sitting on top of the machines. Of course they didn’t look pretty that way, but it ultimately created a little more mess over time as little drops of detergent piled up on top of the machines etc.  It also doesn’t hurt to have a little stylish camouflage.

IKEA Basket – $12.99

wooden straw basket for organization

Dryer Lint

I was putting all of my dryer lint in old grocery sacks next to the dryer. There was lots of lint residue all over the floor as a result. That was just a breeding ground for big fat dust bunnies.

It’s kind of ridiculous the things we love the most. This little bin, I might buy 5 more just in case this one gets dinged up.

KNODD Bin – $24,99

bin for laundry lint

How about one more picture of the cutenss?

white metal bin from IKEA

Loose Items

I’m talking about all of the loose change, random buttons, and crazy objects that come out of your children’s pockets. The worst offender when it comes to emptying pockets? My husband. So I got some kitchen jars to hold all of those loose items. In honesty, I’ll claim all the money.

Burken Jar w/lid 74 oz – $4.99

IKEA home organization


Stacks of Folded Laundry

Every time I turned my back, the stacks and piles of laundry multiplied and replenished my basement. We built in a custom cabinet where I’d store my laundry bins, but it also gave me a place to fold laundry right after it came out of the dryer.

I also needed a place to put all of that folded laundry.  Everyone has their own shelf:

Omar System – prices vary depending on which pieces you choose

Omar shelves, wire metal shelving

Shelving Attachments

Attachments are cheap and worth it. I love this little basket that has become home to our lint rollers:

Omar Basket – $5.00

IKEA Omar Shelving for laundry room organization

The next step to keeping this laundry room organized is probably the hardest. It’s all about discipline. It’s about actually folding those stacks of laundry right when they come out of the dryer and making sure those folded stacks make it back up to the closets of the little people who’s backs they should be clothing. Sounds so simple, but in the hustle and bustle of running a business from home, and keeping up with all of the other things the kids have going on, this is the biggest hurdle.  So far so good!

* Laundry Room Organization post sponsored by IKEA

Of course there was a lot that went into our laundry room before we got to re-organizing part! Check out all of the projects we tackled!

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  2. Anne 06/25/2012 at 12:58 pm

    Love it! I could use a day of decluttering my laundry room…maybe that’s why I enjoy getting outside to hang things on the line.

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