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The Perfect Moccasins

Have you ever tried on a shoe in a store and passed it up, just to regret it? It happened to me. I’m trying to get over the Amber moccasins from Michael Kors (hey, Shannon has a problem with Oreos, I have a problem with Michael Kors.) I put the mocs on and they were the softest, possibly most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They were snakeskin (so cool) and I walked around the store trying to decide whether or not to get them. The price tag  made me pass them up, but I’ve regretted them ever since. My family could have done without groceries that week, right?

I can’t find the snakeskin pattern anywhere, but the silver as still available.


How perfect would these be running around town? Skinny jeans with a cozy sweater for Spring or Fall? Bringing a little bit of shine or pattern to your outfit? Neutral but not boring? They are the perfect moccasins. And seriously, the most comfortable shoes. You can snag your own pair here.

Have you ever regretted not buying a pair of shoes?


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