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Queso Fresco Popovers

This is the sad story of a woman who bought a package of queso fresco from Costco to use in burritos for family dinner and nobody would eat it. SPOILER: I’m the woman.

Why wouldn’t my family eat queso fresco? Because they are stupidheads. I don’t know what I was thinking: the package from Costco contains two, ginormous queso frescos. After I used a meager portion, I was left with 1 and 3/4 of the stuff in my fridge, taunting me. The delicious, mild, crumbling, slightly salty taste of queso fresco (“fresh cheese”) is the perfect topping. But I guess my family knows better.

I was faced with two choices: eat all the queso fresco myself (I’m not pregnant, so I’m not going to do that) or find a recipe that incorporates the cheese. I found a great recipe for queso fresco popovers! It’s possibly the easiest from-scratch bread/biscuit/popover recipe I’ve ever seen. Throw the ingredients in a blender, pour into muffin tins, and then simply bake for 25 minutes. So. Easy.

What happened? Rave, rave reviews. My family ate all 12 popovers at dinner. They asked if I could make more later. Could I make more for breakfast? How about at every meal from now on? They loved the cheesy taste and the fluffy popover texture with the crisp outside. (¿Explicame how they think the plain cheese is “gross” but the baked cheese was “cheesy good”?) Make a note of this one for any upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebrations you’re attending.

Thanks, Lauren, for the recipe!

One quick note, when she says “well-greased” tins, she means it.

Recipe and instructions on Full Measure of Happiness

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