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Green Goddess Grilled Cheese

April is National Grilled Cheese month.  WOOT, WOOT!!  I LOVE GRILLED CHEESE.  It’s a sandwich that completely deserves its own month of celebration.

I personally think that the best kind of grilled cheese is with American cheese.  You heard it right here people.  I’m standing by my Kraft Singles.

But I don’t discriminate, and I’ll order just about any grilled cheese out there.  I only stand by my American cheese at home, in restaurants I pretend like I’ve never even heard of it.

This recipe for a Green Goddess Grilled Cheese from Tastespotting really caught my veggie loving eye.  Spinach, avocado, pesto and cheese?  Sign me up!  This sandwich contains some super foods that may just cancel out my inner child passion for Kraft.


Photo from Tastespotting...Look at the wine glasses in the background, this is clearly an elegant grilled cheese...


Grilled cheese please…

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