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Best Easter Treats and Ideas!

Our editors have found the best Easter treats and decorating ideas for your celebrations, dinners, and egg hunts! Just take a look at all the great ideas that you can use to make Easter memorable for your family this year.

Rice Krispy treat eggs dipped and decorated from Food Family Finds

Cadbury Egg blondies from Bakaholic Mama (yeah, like your Cadbury mini-Eggs will last that long…)


Nutter Butter chicks from Heather’s Sweets and Treats


Oreo coconut Easter cake bars from BruCrew life:

Little Peepers deviled egg chicks from Totally Kids Time

Bunny bait popcorn from Sing for Your Supper. Can you imagine little bags of bunny bait for any Easter egg hunts you might be hosting? So cute.

I was crazy enough to make real candy-filled eggs a couple years ago. They were some work to pull together, but seeing the kids’ faces was so worth the shock.

The most adorable Easter paint chip garland from Modern Parents Messy Kids


Make a floral felt bouquet with your kids for your Easter dinner table from American Crafts Studio

Handmade Easter eggs from WhateversHandmade

How to make Peeps bunny bunting from Made

Teach the religious significance of Easter with your kids using filled eggs from Ordinary Mom:

A Christ-centered centerpiece from Jeanne Winters to remind your family about the true meaning of Easter.

A bunch of Easter brunch ideas, including these mini-hashbrown quiches.



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  2. Heather Berg. 04/03/2012 at 4:37 pm

    Ok, I was wrong.I might actually be able to quickly do one or two of these. Not the real filled eggs, which is hilariously insane, (have you seen the glitter filled ones? Because I NEED to clean THAT up….) but the peeps bunting is PERFECT in two ways. You want to know, don’t you? It’d have to hang high and not for too long, and it can’t be stored away for later because this is the South and the humidity and big would get it. BUT I ADORE Stale peeps. I prefer them to the squishy ones. My MIL does, too,and will , in her less humid Oregon home, open a pack of peeps from last year stored away joyously, because they are nice and crunchy. Just like Lucky Charms, only bigger.