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Style: Keeping Your Wardrobe Looking Good

Remember when I mentioned that I cleaned out my closet  and go rid of anything that was ill-fitting and unflattering? Well, I must have been a sight because there’s not much left in my closet and with the arrival of spring this week, I’m pondering some new additions to my wardrobe.

When you’re budget is limited and you need quite a few things, you spend A LOT of time pondering. Gotta make sure those purchases are just right.

I’ve been digging through the archives of Ain’t No Mom Jeans and one post that I wanted to share is 10 Tips for Keeping Your Mom-Drobe Looking New…ish from Shana.

Image via Ain't No Mom Jeans

It’s full of helpful tips for keeping your clothes looking good…even when your day includes a healthy serving of pureed peas.


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