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Style: A New Michael Kors Wallet for Spring

I’m a little crazy for Michael Kors. OK, I’m a lot crazy for everything Michael Kors. It’s like he’s reading my mind and designing everything just for me. For example, I’ve been blogging over at The Jet Set for almost ten years, just to see Michael (we’re on first names now) release a Jet Set collection last year. Well, alright, I’ll take one of each.

Like this new rose gold mirrored wallet from the Jet Set collection.

I am in love. It comes in nickel (yes,) white (yes,) and pale gold (yes, please!) I can’t think of a way to instantly brighten your every day errand-running doldrums than with a new Michael Kors wallet.  And since this one is so flashy and gorgeous, you could even use it as a clutch.


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  1. Rachael 03/24/2012 at 7:35 am

    I’ve got my eye on some Michael Kors shades from Nordstrom! I just have to justify that kind of expense for sunglasses! I ended up snagging myself the $7 kind from SuperTarget!