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Paczki Recipe

Paczki From Pennies on a Platter


Fat Tuesday in the Midwest is really Paczki Day – a day when we celebrate the deliciousness of the filled donut known at paczki! You’ll find the celebrations most devoted in Polish American communities like Chicago, Cleveland, and wherever faithful paczki devotees reside. Pronounce paczki “poonch-key” and you’ll be ready to celebrate Paczki Day with a full belly.

We haven’t found a better paczki recipe than Pennies on a Platter’s Paczki here.

Hop over and make some for Paczki Day, or any day!

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  1. Janet Adams 02/27/2014 at 5:26 pm

    I was wondering if instead of using all the egg yolks, if using one or two more whole eggs might make the dough lighter and fluffier and less dense. I am planning on making these this coming weekend. I will be also using your custard recipe for them. Thank you…Janet