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Best Valentine Ideas for Kids and Families

We gathered our favorite Valentine ideas for kids, and anyone else who wants to try something new this February 14th! What will you be doing to celebrate with your loved ones? But keep it PG, what you do with your fishnets is your business.

Printables for Valentines Day

Easy Valentines to print out with Smarties (for your smarty.)

Valentine Cards from Joy’s Hope.

Update those “coupons” for your own customized Valentine gift cards

Valentine Subway Art? Don’t mind if I do.


Valentine Crafts

Bake these cute coloring hearts out of crayons!

Hanging heart charms from Made.

Valentine stamped muslin bags for collecting your one billion Valentine candies.

Felt heart garland

Valentine Bingo (super easy!)

Toddler Valentine art ideas

XOXO Valentine hats to keep your little ones warm and cozy with loads of hugs and kisses

Valentine Recipes

Pink Valentine Pancakes from Cat Fur to Make Kitten Britches

Valentine Peppermint Creme Cookies from Cheeky Kitchen

And just in case you missed it, our Valentine Wallpaper!

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  1. Tara 02/05/2012 at 8:15 pm

    We celebrate Valentine’s Day at my house in a big way. Thanks for the great ideas!