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Bathtime Fun – Shaving Cream Bathtub Paint

Need an idea for bathtime fun?  We tried this Shaving Cream Bathtub Paint from Having Fun At Home.  My kids were amazed!  They painted everything in sight.  I brought in the play watering can so they could “melt” their artwork off the tub.

Some other helpful tips from the post comments and our own experience:

We used a 6 pack of these Fizzy Tub Colors dissolved in a few tablespoons of water, then mixed with the shaving cream.  Also tested washable tempura paint (sparingly!)  and it washed off the grout with a good washcloth.  Don’t use food coloring if you don’t want to scrub your tub.

PS shaving cream is NOT tear-free in case your boys start painting each other like clowns a paint fight.

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  1. Mina Frannea 02/20/2012 at 8:21 pm

    Good to know that washable paint is probably not that great an option either. I remember seeing this on Pinterest and the poster had used food coloring! It took her something like a week of scrubbing to get most of it off and the rest faded over a few weeks! Yikes!

    Where did you find the fizzy tub paints? I take it they came off easily? 🙂

    • Amy Allen Johnson 02/21/2012 at 11:04 am

      Hi Mina, The small pack of fizzy tub tablets was from the dollar store, but I’ve seen a big jar of them at Walmart too. They didn’t stain anything, although the colors didn’t seem as bright, but I’ll take that trade off for not having to scrub paint off my tub 🙂