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What is The Jeopardy Online Test?

“What is ‘The Jeopardy Online Test?’ ” You shout out.  You are Correct!

Is this the best news of 2012 or what?  Forget Daniel Craig or George Clooney — Alex Trebek  is the leading man of all time (in game show host land). JEOPARDY! even outranks Oprah!

Just because the average age of the JEOPARDY! viewership is around 65, doesn’t mean you can’t test your wits against a super-fast test bank of questions!  Did you know over 10 million Americans watch this show every night?  That’s more than the entire state of Arizona!

So, skip your favorite twitter party next week and sign up for a time slot. And when you win big on the show, just remember who told you about the test [wink, wink]

p.s. No, my 21-yr old bucket list item is not to be a contestant, just a member of the studio audience. Maybe 2012 is the year?

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  1. Carina Wytiaz 01/13/2012 at 10:51 am

    I dream about being on Jeopardy. We play it at home as a family and I get really mad at contestants when they’re wrong.

    I need to do this someday…