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Football Snacks

The San Francisco 49ers are playing in the Conference Championships this weekend to see if they can win a spot in the Super Bowl.

The Bay Area is going wild over this game.  Yesterday, I overheard a guy talking to one of his friends and planning out their “football snacks.”  This made me laugh as I’m married to someone who not for every game, but definitely for some, must have “football snacks.”  What is it with guys and “football snacks?”

I think to most guys, this translates into putting sausages on the BBQ, chips in a bowl and beers in the refrigerator.  What do football snacks mean to girls?  Baking a cake in the shape of a football or trying to craft football strings onto a cheese ball.

Basically a craft project.  So you’ll need some ideas.

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Yup. Shaped like a football, and a helmet. My husband would not make this.

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