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Best Ways to Get Organized

I’m not the only one out there who struggles with organization. I’m not naming names (*cough*) but you know who you are.  Here are a few ideas on how to get organized and stay organized.

Everyday Nuisances Finally Organized

I’m constantly looking for ideas on how to store the many, many, billion, quadrillion cords littering my home. The first person to invent something I can use to carry cords around with me in my purse will probably make a million dollars. Run with that. In the mean time, I like these cord wraps from The Container Store:

Untangle your bangles with Kelly’s outstanding guide on organizing your jewelry.


The actual jewelry organizer used by the author



Reevaluate your hangers to transform your closets. I have a firm testimony of better hangers (although there are many unorganized things in my life, my closet is rather tidy.)


I have long struggled with how to organize cleaning supplies. I have a carry-around tote, but there are too many bottles and sponges for it to be my everyday storage solution. I found this idea of using an over the door shoe organizer as a way of storing your cleaning supplies.

(note: I tried to find the original post to link to, but can't locate it. If this is your picture, I'd love to link to you, leave a comment)


A place for batteries!

Organizing Kids

Is your kitchen the site of an ever-expanding pile of glasses, sippies, and tumblers? Try this idea of a central place for all those cups.

Take on the onslaught of organizing kids’ school work with these ideas from Rachael.

Accordion folders for organizing schoolwork


Sometimes I feel like my house is just a large Lego storage device. And those mini figures? They are EVERYWHERE. Amy found this great idea for organizing Lego mini figures.


Home Organization

When was the last time you decluttered your freezer?

Organize your freezer

Storing aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper in scrapbook paper organizers.

Laundry organization and help is probably my biggest single organization failure in my home. I’m going to try having a laundry basket for each person and getting them to put away their own laundry. This laundry basket dresser can help keep even that under control.

Crafts and Hobby Organization: 

Trying to organize your hobby? Check out this detailed post that covers going vertical, going granular, going simple, and has ideas for most hobbies. Because, honestly, you shouldn’t be spending your precious craft time digging around for stuff because you’re not organized.

Organize your hobbies

I like this ribbon and spool storage idea because you probably have the hanger on hand already, no need to run out and purchase more items.

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