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New Year’s Eve Party Plans

I always want to throw a New Year’s Eve Party. It all seems so glamorous and grown-up to me (although the allure of being a grown-up should have faded by now.) When else do you have a chance to break out your sequins (anyone who just said “to the grocery store”, take a step back.)

Whether you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve Party for a few close friends, for that special someone, or you’re blowing the roof off the joint, here are a few ideas to keep your party going!

Wear this sparkle dress (I know I would.)

Keep the kids busy with this fireworks craft:


Decorate with clocks from around your house and silver painted mason jars:

Serve these foods:

Southwestern Wontons

A twist on Shrimp Cocktails: The Shrimp Cocktail Platter Appetizer:

Brie Stuffed Mushrooms from the Pioneer Woman:

 Cranberry Margaritas 


Serve Volsteads (named after the infamous prohibition act!)

No alcohol on the list? The cranky pineapple:

To Decorate:

I have used balloons year after year to decorate for New Year’s Eve. There’s something about a couple dozen balloons in a small space with the lights glowing and the streamers hanging that makes the night magical.

It’s simple, it’s striking, and your kids love the leftover balloons for days.


May next year bring you more luck, love, and laughter than any year before!


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