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Holiday Gift Guide: For Preschoolers

The Today’s Mama staff has pooled our collective shopping experience to bring you a mama-tested holiday gift guide for preschoolers.


Busy, emotional, curious, adventurous, and high energy. This age group is so much fun to buy for because they are at an age where a gift can make them feel special, tap into their inquisitive side, encourage imaginative play, help them focus and wind down, or put some of those wiggles to good use.

Build It Yourself Woodworking Kit

When we finished our basement last winter, my girl could not get enough of the tools. Amy shared this woodworking kit and I think this will be appearing under our tree very soon, it includes everything your preschooler needs to build cool stuff. Just add Parental Supervision and let the nails fly!

Sesame Street: Old School Style

Let your kids enjoy Sesame Street the way you did as a child… Pre-Elmo. Amen.

Lacing Cards

Speaking of “old school”, how about a little low-tech fun for the wee ones? Lacing cards are fun, quiet, good for developing motor skills…did I mention they’re quiet.

Make it Pop App

Got a preschooler that is proficient with an iPhone or iPad? Kids love to make things pop and now you can encourage them to learn shapes, letters, colors, and numbers while popping bubbles, balloons, fireworks and popcorn!

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System

From Erica: I can’t say enough good things about the Fisher-Price iXL learning system. We bought this for our 4yo last year and he LOVES it.  Combining writing, reading, music, art, photo uploads and games, it’s very entertaining, educational, and easy for little ones to use.  And it’s a godsend on car trips.  This is the only system that combines so many features in one product, and the picture and sound quality are good, to boot.  Totally worth the price tag.

Personalized Pillows

Little pillows for your little people! Customize the face, name and message on the bottom.

Radio Flyer Scooter

Little ones can ride this Radio Flyer Scooter inside the house during the winter, to get the hang of it.  By spring, they’ll be racing up and down the sidewalk.  Perfect for ages 2-5.

Custom Hoodie from Dig This Chick on Etsy

Who doesn’t love a one-of-a-kind gift? I have a train-loving nephew that will be receiving a custom hoodie from Dig This Chick’s etsy store. Got a Star Wars nut at your house? Dig can even whip up a hoodie featuring Boba Fett. So. Cool.

Soft Doll by Haba

Got a girl on your list that would love a sweet doll? These soft dolls by Haba are wonderful. Durable enough to be loved on every day and soft enough to cuddle at night. My girl, just loves her “dolly”, Amelie.

Calafant Cardboard Toys

Who knew cardboard could be so cool and eco-friendly? Kids can build and decorate their own 3-D play world with Calafant’s recycled cardboard kits! With many models to choose from (think robots, pirate ships, tree houses and more!), you can collect them all and watch as your childrens’ imagination grows before your very eyes. Great for kids from pre-school on up.

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  2. Amy Allen Johnson 12/06/2011 at 11:14 am

    Hoping I still have to order that cute hoodie! we just had a very intense lesson on Boba Fett, bounty hunters, being frozen in carbonite.. with my 4 yr old

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