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Holiday Gift Guide for Crafters

Know a crafter in your life? I’m a hopeless crafter: desk piled with projects, a closet stuffed with supplies (plus many bins more) and a head full of ideas for the next thing to make. There’s really no end to the gear that crafters don’t need or want, but we’ve managed to gather a couple ideas to help make gifting season a little easier. Here’s our gift guide for crafters!


Even non-crafters would like this personal screen printing machine from Yudu. Imagine the cool T-shirts, bags, and posters you could make!

There’s not a crafter out there who hasn’t dreamed what they could do with a gallon of chalkboard paint. And magnetic chalkboard paint? Be still my heart.

Any Tough Crafty Chick needs a multi-tool.  Great for camping, unscrewing battery compartments on kids’ toys, taking apart the pieces on your latest DIY project, cutting stuff, and threatening your kids.

If your crafter already has a sewing machine, they might just love a serger! The perfect big item present for the sewer who is ready to go to the next level.


Is there a craft or artistic pursuit your favorite crafter has mentioned that they’d always like to try? How about a calligraphy kit?


I have my eye on a Silhouette cutting machine. All you do is hook it up to your computer, like a printer, and BAM! The Silhouette cuts designs out with a small blade. Oh, can you imagine the possibilities?




Want to look crafty and in the know yourself? Make sure you tie up your gift with some baker’s twine.  That stuff says “I’ll tie you up in ninja twine” in craft talk.


Ready to go all out for your crafter? Or just about had it with the messy sprawl from your crafter? The Scrapbox is the solution! It looks like a piece of furniture, but folds out to display all of the tools, supplies, and a desk! So cool!

I always imagine that I’ll be way more organized and tidy with something like that. A girl can dream (and her husband can sob.)

A darling pincushion like this one from The Vivid Peach that has a storage jar built in to the bottom! Love that I could put my regular straight needles in the top and store extra needles, like leather and sewing machine needles, in the bottom.


If you’d like to get kids in on the crafting action, we can’t recommend Make and Takes for Kids more highly!

A few other quick ideas:

Sharp new scissors

A new bone folder

New yarn plus needles

Set of special glues

New needles and extra bobbins

New paper or a gift card to a paper store



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