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50% JewelMint Discount for Today’s Mama Readers

Holiday shopping making you feel a bit ho-hum? Well, get ready because we’ve got something to add a little sparkle to your holiday season—50% off jewelry from JewelMint.

JewelMint offers the latest jewelry trends for every style. Do you love classic, feminine jewelry or have a more bohemian eye? Want to accessorize those jeans with a little rocker flare?  Maybe you’re ready for a fabulous statement ring or bangle.

Whatever side of the fashion scale you rest, you’ll be delighted by the luxury jewelry selections from actress, Kate Bosworth and Hollywood’s stylist of the year, Cher Coulter.

I know, you just read “luxury”, “actress”, and “Hollywood stylist” and now you’re thinking that’s it’s going to be expensive. Nope. That’s the beauty of Jewelmint. As a member, you pay $29.99 a month and take your pick from the new jewelry designs. You can even skip a month (or several) at no charge—there is no obligation to buy.

I love the idea of having the latest jewelry trends laid out for me, complete with “how to wear” ideas but what really thrills me is that I can use a JewelMint membership to shop for friends and family…especially my uber-fashionable friends, at a great price.

Become a member of JewelMint and enjoy 50% your first item* with promo code: TDMAMA50.  Perfect for purchasing a last minute gift for someone special, or get a little something for yourself. Ring in the New Year in style, baby!

 *Expires 12/31/11.


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