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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

I’m resolving that this is the year that I get on the ball and create some Thanksgiving crafts with my kids. We’re going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. A few well-planned crafts are exactly what my kids need to keep them occupied while I’m rolling out pie dough and helping gran with the corn pudding.

Crafts for Thanksgiving

I think the kids would love to decorate this Thankful Tree, a simple gathering of twigs with tags to write their grateful thoughts.

We’ve got free Thanksgiving Toothpick Flags available for you to download and print. Older kids can help glue the flags onto toothpicks with a glue stick.

I still think the bunting trend has a bit more life to it, especially with this Thanksgiving BuntingThanksgiving Garland, and a dead simple Fall Leaf Garland.

Let’s kick it old school with these Leaf Paper Turkeys:

Don’t want to limit yourself to Thanksgiving crafts? There are a bunch of Fall crafting ideas here.

I know I need to pare down so that I can throw down this Simple Thanksgiving Deco with aplomb.

10 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

If you need ideas for younger kids, preschoolers and even toddlers, I think Thanksgiving Crafts for Kiddos and Mamas and Kid-friendly Thanksgiving Crafting about cover all the bills.

A cute girl came up with this Turkey Leaf Hair Clip on her own! 

These Turkey Pumpkins inspired by Pottery Barn are charming. And, personally, I love that you can just toss the whole thing when you’re done, no storing anything.

Fall-Themed Parties


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