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Easy Homemade Glass Cleaner

The other day I was cleaning the house, readying things for the Thanksgiving influx of visitors, when I realized we were out of glass cleaner.  A trip to the store just for glass cleaner seems absurd, and if I waited until the next grocery trip, I’d forget to clean the windows’ kiddie handprints and doggy nose prints that were on my mind At That Moment.

A quick online search returned a comparison of various homemade glass cleaners compiled into one post by Crunchy Betty.  Bless her soul, the recipe she found most successful included ingredients I had on hand!

Scroll down to the Alvin Corn Glass Cleaner recipe.  It worked like a charm on my windows and framed pictures!

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  1. Glass Repair Pros in Phoenix, AZ 11/23/2011 at 8:37 am

    As window glass experts in Phoenix AZ, I can say this is an excellent recipe for glass cleaner. We set out a while back to create our own glass cleaning formula and I stumbled on Crunchy Betty’s post. I’ve since tweaked the recipe but the basic ingredients you outline are perfect for both home and industrial use. We service hundreds of windows per month and it is a huge cost and time saver. Thanks for the tip!