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Steve Jobs Died Today

Steve Jobs died today. My little family gathered around our computer and watched this video on CNN.

My husband and I both were glossy eyed. I obviously don’t know Steve Jobs personally, but he’s been an inspiration to me as an entrepreneur and as someone who has loved to witness the technology that his company has brought forth.  The commencement speech that he gave at Stanford in 2005 has been a go-to piece of inspiration for me personally and something I’ve circulated in blog posts and meetings.

Enjoy this amazing look at his career:

Stanford Commencement Address

Today on

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  1. Amy Allen Johnson 10/06/2011 at 11:10 am

    We had our own private remembrances last night as my hubby and I tried listing all the ways he’d had an impact on our own world (and then we watched the news for the official list). Thanks, Steve, for adding a bit of AWESOME to our ordinary days.

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